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Welcome to Bella Dulce Havanese!


We have been involved in breeding and showing sound and healthy dogs and well loved pets since 2004. We were blessed with Liliana (Lili), our first Havanese from Bonneterre. 


Lili was an absolute delight from the very beginning!  She was love at first sight for everyone in the family, and she captured our hearts instantly.  Lili was the beginning of our wonderful journey with Havanese.  


We had been searching for a small, sturdy, hypoallergenic, playful, family friendly companion dog since we had young children at that time. Our Sheltie had just passed away, and our young children ages 2 through 7 had always had a dog in their life. The children were accustomed to being very gentle with animals, so our search began for a small dog with a friendly disposition that would be excellent with children, easy to train, intelligent, affectionate, and minimal shedding. We had spent many years with endless vacuuming fur from our Sheltie and sought a more manageable breed. After a significant amount of research, we decided that Havanese would be an ideal fit for our family.


Havanese are small but sturdy dogs that display happy and joyful temperaments, elegance in appearance, and have a charming, gentle, happy, playful, and calm personality. They are naturally drawn to children and make wonderful companions for families.


Our puppies are the result of carefully planned litters descending from generations of fully health tested dogs.  We are dedicated to producing loyal, loving, and charming companions who want to please and be a best friend!